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12/29/22 10:41 AM

#2924 RE: Wahoo98 #2923

The rant was about The Beaver. Folks……

called him greedy.

I was simply asking if greed led The Beaver to make the claims he made about SFRX’s “alleged” game changing technology in late 2019, among other things.

He said he saw the initial results. He said it gave them a clear picture of what was under the sand. That promo aired 1148 days ago, and to date SFRX hasn’t found a trinket, nor have they ruled out Melbourne as having treasure.

2 years after Mel Fisher first began looking for the Atocha he had scanned about 20 times the area of Melbourne. Based on other comments The Beaver made in that paid promo it was clear he lacked the proper understanding to make some of the comments he did about the salvage industry.

His comments are consistent with what others have said about the tech and he was suppose to aid SFRX in their quest to make enough in blockchain to pay for salvage operations.

Now he’s conveniently becoming quite the fall guy, or so it seems.