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12/29/22 12:00 AM

#883 RE: futrcash #882

All ibatf needs is a home to start producing and get dialed in.

would you give IBAt the best odds to get the lions share of the market

Burba, stepped down 8-months after hiring Garry Flowers. Now Garry is CEO, must be up to something. I think Koch will make Galvanic Energy a deal they won't refuse. Or will make it hard on them in Arkansas.

I am hoping for a buyout from Koch or OXY (Warren Buffett), they are the 2 big dogs in the US they bought DLE patents and have been buying into the better brines.

Question is does Koch and OXY want to wait 4-years to build their DLE with Energy Source or start with a already built DLE. I hope both.

CRT is still deciding who to use, need to watch them close..