12/28/22 6:24 PM

#3069 RE: Mr.A #3065

Yes im aware of these charges. Is this still an ongoing case? Or is it everything settled? the acquisition announcement was on dec 1. I dont know when this transaction will actually be complete but if we own shares of sway energy, more details on the type of acquisition (cash or stock or both) this is should be announced soon. Im assuming. ??


12/28/22 8:27 PM

#3070 RE: Mr.A #3065

I reached out to them regarding sway shares. Here’s the reply…

“Golden Grail purchased an asset (the Sway Energy drink brand name, trademark, formula, etc) from the company Sway Energy Corp.

Golden Grail did not purchase the company (entity) Sway Energy Corp.”

Also said to reach out to Sway Energy regarding the shares.


12/28/22 8:29 PM

#3071 RE: Mr.A #3065

Complete loss?? Most likely. Never been involved in a situation like this so idk. Anyone wanna put they 2¢ in?