Mr. Zen

12/28/22 4:05 PM

#288 RE: bedrock #287

I guess you have to be trained to use the system, whatever it is... This was something the company put out in China and I had it translated.. really not sure what it means, if anything.


12/29/22 12:37 PM

#290 RE: bedrock #287

It’s over my pay grade too.
I read that with the thought of all those Chinese people welded shut in their homes.
What else can you do but get online snd learn how to send me more spam emails and shit online?

I do find it amusing that they want an increase in revenues. I thought the Commies didn’t like revenues and capitalism.

Look at all those agencies involved. That’s what’s coming to America. WOW!

Can’t see this stock going much lower.
I’ll make my mind up in March about this one. Not adding or selling.

That $60m keeps me holding. And my shut average. LOL