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12/23/22 3:57 PM

#22136 RE: Jakilla11 #22134

Only care about being right twice, we've been through this lol. I was right on this board with Billy as CEO and a nice 10 bagger, you missed it, and I will be right with this ticker too. And Your boy Golfy claims he made a lot here with RIII trading the lows and highs, as did many others.

Your issue is you believe everything you read here...Golfy was bashin, while buying (supposedly anyway) and making money with RIII. Meaning he believed the price would go back up so had an agenda with his posts :)

You will learn someday if you stay at it.

So my point is who cares who's predictions are right or wrong. None of us are affiliated with the company and are just posting our thoughts and opinions mostly with agendas....I won and will again,sorry you didn't and seem to think its somehow my fault with message board rhetoric - LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO