12/14/22 4:53 PM

#270 RE: Mr. Zen #269

Forgot to add to my DD post the $1.5m Market Cap.

And it could be even less if our two old 5% guys are still holding strong to see real returns on their 700k shares. That’s a $1.26m MC.

The true tradable float at these level is nothing. I bet it’s less than 100k-75k shares.

We should see a few shares exit for a 2022 paper tax loss write off going into the new year.,

I got another grand peppered down the BID just in case. And plan on slapping come 2023. Volume will remain low till these revenue # are seen in a real filing..

If these guys can show growing revenue from the $60m? OMG this is so undervalued. Find me a few more plays like this!!!
That’s a 50 baggar from here.
I’ll take 1/3 of that and be happy. LOL