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12/15/22 9:57 AM

#3 RE: makinezmoney #2

$ICVX: BOOMmmmmmmmmm .......... now 10.30

Whatta move since the initial call

Everyone missed the RSV news from a couple days ago

Icosavax Reports Positive Durability Data for VLP Vaccine Candidate IVX-121 Against RSV at Six-Month Timepoint
December 13 2022 - 04:05PM
GlobeNewswire Inc.
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Icosavax, Inc. (Nasdaq: ICVX), a biopharmaceutical company leveraging its innovative virus-like particle (VLP) platform technology to develop vaccines against infectious diseases, with an initial focus on life-threatening respiratory diseases and a vision of creating pan-respiratory vaccines for older adults, today provided a six-month immunogenicity update from its Phase 1/1b trial of IVX-121 against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). These new data demonstrate a sustained neutralizing antibody (nAb) response against RSV, lasting for at least six months after a single administration of IVX-121.
“We are delighted to share the six-month immunogenicity data from our Phase 1/1b trial of IVX-121. The potential for long-lasting immune responses was part of our founding hypothesis and preclinical rationale for developing combination VLP vaccines, so it is exciting to see this supportive initial clinical data on durability from our platform,” said Adam Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of Icosavax. “We continue to believe that there is a need for better vaccines, in particular the potential for combination respiratory vaccines with longer-lasting protection and low reactogenicity.”

IVX-121 (RSV) Phase 1/1b six-month immunogenicity update

IVX-121 continued to be generally well-tolerated with no safety concerns observed in this six-month follow up and no vaccine related serious adverse events (SAEs).

Data shown and described below illustrate the ongoing neutralizing antibody responses to a single administration of IVX-121 at three dosage levels (25, 75, 250 µg), in the groups without adjuvant. Samples were taken at baseline, day 28, and day 180, with neutralizing antibodies measured in international units (IU/mL) using the WHO international reference standard.

Lets go $TMNA next