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12/12/22 7:45 PM

#8216 RE: green maschine #8212

This Diamond-In-Rough is Ready for 10-Bagger Huge & Quick rally! In fact, its peer did 7.156-Bagger Huge & Quick rally most recently!

Easy to hit Multiple Dollars again within just a short period based on its Incredible Giant Valuation...

Keep in mind that this Hidden Gem has SHOCKING-High $5.3163 a share Huge Book Value and $3.2507 a share Huge Cash Value which is IMPOSSIBLE for any other NASDAQ stock!

Currently TNXP is at Hyper Oversold status --- from this June's high $4.79 to the Rocking New Bottom $0.352!

So, TNXP is Super Undervalued now! It will Easily hit the Dollar Land in the coming days...