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12/09/22 3:24 PM

#2159 RE: Zeus15 #2158

sounds great and is less poltion to obtain. Also the disposal should be less of a burden on the enviornment. Could have more recycle products. Wonder what the name of the company will be. SOunds like it is a potential start up


12/30/22 10:25 AM

#2160 RE: Zeus15 #2158

How the heck did Cheat em how get aprivat placment of just ov 9 million sahres at .23.
The idiots can buy it today under .13


02/27/23 12:22 PM

#2161 RE: Zeus15 #2158

look at todays vol Schwab has it over 275,000 which is 5 x average daily and down 4.5%.
Wonder if it is about to make a new 52 week low. This board has dried upnot goodd for old cheatem.


05/19/23 1:03 PM

#2163 RE: Zeus15 #2158

yes and now we have a new low Where has his little mouth piece go


06/30/23 9:45 AM

#2165 RE: Zeus15 #2158

wow its under.10 on hugh increase in vol
I can't find any news but someone must kow something.
IMO its going sub penny


08/11/23 12:10 PM

#2166 RE: Zeus15 #2158

yes a new low and it will go lower