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12/03/22 7:42 AM

#30977 RE: thefamilyman #30976

Unfortunately the exchange rate has sky rocketed. Went from around 1.05 to 1.22 so even with the 10% discount, and using a creditcard that didn't charge an exchange fee, still came out to about $94 a bottle. I think before with the lower exchange rate and even using a card that charged a fee it was only about $90.

Took 3 days for it to finally take my creditcard though. On Thursday Capital One was blocking it, being an international order. Sent me an email and I clicked the link to allow it, but still wouldn't. Decided to wait a day for everything to work thru the system. Still wouldn't take it Friday. Still getting blocked for some reason. Tried it again this morning, Saturday. Went thru first try. All 3 days I was entering the exact same info. Must have entered it 10 different times. Didn't try any other cards since I wanted to use this one cause it doesn't have an exchange fee. Beats me.

So this well give me 7 bottles so far, which depending on dosing will be good for a 1.33 to 2.7 year supply. I wonder how long the 10% discount is going to run for. Keep an eye on the exchange rate and if it drops back to 1.15 before the discount ends, pick up another 2 bottles.