11/01/22 9:20 AM

#95509 RE: winnaar123 #95508

soon you will see who cares

news LMAO


11/23/22 11:59 AM

#96496 RE: winnaar123 #95508

what did I tell you..and you still peddling same narrative

all you need to see is dilutive MM on the ASK


11/23/22 12:06 PM

#96497 RE: winnaar123 #95508

There was news..and it caved in..imploded..died...


11/23/22 12:07 PM

#96498 RE: winnaar123 #95508

How many of your followers did you hurt by this nonsense?


11/23/22 12:08 PM

#96499 RE: winnaar123 #95508

I told ya 0002s and 0001s comming but I said next month for the 0001s..they got here sooner


11/23/22 12:21 PM

#96502 RE: winnaar123 #95508

R/S are not good especially when they coincide with raising AS. We’ve seen this twice the last few weeks in the OTC and shareholders have paid the price. $t-gi $bomo