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10/18/22 1:45 PM

#113826 RE: Top Penny #113825

There is difference between not current and not current for 7 years.

Piss poor management.


10/18/22 7:01 PM

#113827 RE: Top Penny #113825

Bullshit. You have no idea what you are talking about. First, get a dictionary and look up "revenue". Then look at mmtc balance sheets and income statements. There will almost ALWAYS be revenue.

99%? More bullshit. Most OTC companies sell stock for a living, including mmtc. That is revenue. And most do not have a product that can be sold. So, they enter convertible debentures.... mmtc included that further increase outstanding shares. You are completely lost. And guess what........ Convertible debentures often last forever. You have no idea whatsoever what is going on. NONE.