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10/12/22 1:41 PM

#2135 RE: jsc52033 #2134

Go back and re-read the posts of the ghost

Now re-read a few of the Press Releases

the writing is eerily similar...almost exactly alike

Stephen King wrote for years under the alias "Richard Bachman"

Here it would be ILLEGAL...not that would bother old 3-Card

Legalities are meaningless to him

But for any executive of a company to post on any forum or board without properly identifying themselves is ILLEGAL...and a sanctionable offense by the SEC

Easy enough to prove too...

if the IP address of the login for this board and for the PR submissions match

he would be nailed if reported and investigated

perhaps why he got quiet all of a sudden

Giddy Up Burn Baby Burn that Cash Kepman


10/12/22 1:55 PM

#2136 RE: jsc52033 #2134

Remember all the talking points or bullet points posts here


$4 million cash in the bank
largest active manganese mine in North America
transparent CEO

etc etc on and on

NONE of it was true!!! all LIES!!!

Giddy Up CEO (Cheat Every One) Kepman

the new corporate song is below


10/12/22 2:04 PM

#2137 RE: jsc52033 #2134

Probably 90% or higher of Junior Mining companies fail the PFS stress test

it is kind of the crap or get off the pot for most

that's why the delay here in getting one

to expect this PFS for MNXXF will be a success can't even be called a pipe-dream

maybe for someone toking on one of those pipes

The latest Press Release is another FUTILE attempt to keep this FUGAZI going a tad long to burn the rest of the cash

Giddy Up Burn Baby Burn the cash Kepman!!!

playing in the background next to the cash incinerator is