10/11/22 5:46 PM

#219 RE: jsc52033 #218

A year ago we were trading at $7.97 now we are $5.57 = -30.1%. Gold price was $1760 now $1667, Down 5.3%. So trading roughly 5x worse than the price drop of gold. That does not include the divvies which if added to the price drop would cut the loss to approximately $$7.97-( $5.97 + $.48) = $1.92 still over 24% Still terrible.

So my question remains if its such a tremendous value then why hold so much cash ? Why not buy back stock? Other miners are doing so. I made a nice chunk of change off K-92 and Kirkland Lake which I used to buy into Fortitude so at this point that looks like a terrible decision if you look at the current stock price. If you look at the richest open pit mine in North America you will see the Pearl significantly at the the top of the list. Granted it may not last more than another year or two, or three. the trends we own still look well above the normal grades and with lower costs. So why not buyback stock? If all is as we hear the price should have plenty of upside versus sitting on$40,000,000 in cash with virtually no yield. Something is not making sense to me. What am I missing?

As the old saying goes when the world gives you lemons made lemonade...If the market is overly discounting your value then buy the overly discounted asset. Or is there another agenda in motion?