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09/30/22 10:45 PM

#30970 RE: surfcity128 #30965

I have not let the capsules dissolve under my tongue. But the way I finally got my order to go through was to type my name on the credit card form in all caps. That’s the way it’s printed on my card so…. Anyway, I tried it and it worked.


11/26/22 11:16 AM

#30972 RE: surfcity128 #30965

I do let it "dissolve" under my tongue. Doesn't work very well. Doesn't really have any taste. And it's harmless to try and get it to dissolve under your tongue or just swallow it. Seemed to work better when I first opened the bottle. Seemed to be more like a very fine powder that seemed to dissolve a bit better. The capsules may absorb just a slight amount of moisture over time. Probably should keep any unopened bottles in the frig just for good measure.

So I had kept 5 capsules of my original Hydrapharm supply as an "emergency" back up. They were just sitting in the bottle on the nightstand (should have put them in the frig) so when the new ones seemed more powdery and to dissolve better I tried those to compare. They were still good and just as I remembered. After about 3-4 weeks the new ones seem to be just like the old ones as far as dissolvability, so, so. If you try it, after 10-15 mins you can just take a swig of whatever to wash any remaining down.

Comparing the graphics on the bottles, new/old, the front of the bottle is identical, and the wording on the other parts seems the same, just rearranged a little differently. So everything seems to be the same. Why did it take so long to get back in stock? I'm going to miss my tablets once they are gone. Probably have a little over 400 left. So I take a capsule in the morning and then if I remember a tablet in the evening. Just from my experience, 2mg seems to be enough as a maintenance dose. I'm 140 lbs. 1 mg was better than nothing, but I can see now wasn't quite enough. Of course if you are "treating" something, the more the merrier within reason. I wouldn't go more than 10-12mg and work up to that only if lesser amounts don't seem to work. 6-8 mg depending on your weight should handle most things. Once under control, then you can back the dosage off to see what you need to maintain it. These recommendations are from having used anatabine for 10 yrs and extensive research.