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09/18/22 7:20 PM

#843 RE: TommyBoyTrader9460 #841

19 September 2022 Lake Updates Kachi Demonstration Plant Activity

(News in time for the chart)

Lake Resources NL (Lake) advises that work proceeds with Lilac Solutions, Inc. (Lilac) on site
at the Kachi Project in Argentina, with commissioning now underway on the demonstration
Whilst on 14 September 2022 Lake issued a Notice of Dispute under its agreement with Lilac, in respect of
certain performance timelines (Dispute), Lake wishes to advise that ongoing work is being done by Lilac at the
Kachi Project and all parties are confident on-site operations will be successful.
Lake confirms that construction of the facility to house the Lilac demonstration plant is now complete.
Dry commissioning of the demonstration plant commenced on Wednesday September 14.
Lilac has advised Lake that, subject to completion of dry commissioning, it expects to begin wet
commissioning of the plant on September 22; once wet commissioning is complete, Lilac expects to begin onsite processing of Kachi brines in the first week of October.
Whilst the test program is based on operating the demonstration plant for 1000 hours it is anticipated that
the first 2000 litres of lithium concentrate produced from the demonstration plant will be sent for conversion
into Lithium Carbonate once delivered. Lake proposes that this final Lithium product will then be qualified by
a tier 1 battery maker to validate product specifications.
Lake will continue to update the market on the Kachi Project, the Dispute, and, as the demonstration test
work continues, on the progress, the timelines, milestones and outcomes.
Lake confirms offtake discussions continue to advance and new appointments to the Lake board are in final
stages of consideration.
Approved by Lake Resources NL Board of Directors
Stu Crow
Executive Chairman