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09/15/22 10:51 AM

#837 RE: PennyRookie0 #836

Read the LLKKF link I provided. Than maybe you might have a chance. I give you links to help. You answered my post in seconds which tells me you did not take the time to read it.

Which means you are wasing my time. You shouild ask the people at Stocktwist they too have no clue there as well.
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09/15/22 11:22 AM

#838 RE: PennyRookie0 #836

Bill Gates is part of Lilac Systems. That link I gave you was for lakes pdf. it should work, now it does not. It was working earlier.

Not sure if llkkf was hacked or the "Machine" Bill Gates, is still playing revenge of the nerds.

It is a coordinated attack.

Been watching for sometime. I do not expect you to understand, it is complicated. I have been in these stocks for years.

State Street was the big short seller the day LLKKF fell. I documented here.

Go buy IBATF publicly traded company, instead of llkkf I am sure that is who llkkf will be using. If not and they go with EnergySource Minerals it is a private company.

The DLE companies have the patents. LLKKF only has brines. The brines cannot produce with out the DLE makers. IBATF has the smallest and maybe the best it is still being tested. Results coming soon.

Sorry did not know that they took out the pdf. Let see if the YouTube is gone.