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09/12/22 1:27 PM

#13569 RE: BullNBear52 #13568

My garage door was over 30 years old and has always been problematic. The hinge that met the door was worn out and I had managed to piece it together.

I was at Costco and they had a flyer for new doors and openers with a 10% discount in the form of a Costco card. Turned out it was 15% and after a couple of quotes I went with them. There was a 2 month lead time but they showed up on time and replaced everything. I can now even open and close the door with my cellphone.

I also double dipped by charging the door on my Costco card and got an additional percentage from Costco.

It's belt driven and quiet as a church mouse. My wife and I are a couple of happy campers.


09/12/22 1:34 PM

#13570 RE: BullNBear52 #13568

If your lawn area small enough like mine hopefully you can find a EGO mower?

That way you can keep your batteries the same.

I sure like cordless instead of gas engine.

Only gas I have now is my generator.

Finally broke down got a battery starter one.

I start it every 2 months to make sure battery stays good.

Ryobi has re-designed their mowers since I bought mine and I get tempted but still can't pull the trigger. They sure are light which I really love.