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08/23/22 2:41 PM

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New biochar methodology approved by Verra
18 Aug 2022 by South Pole in News
New biochar methodology approved by Verra
South Pole has co-authored, as part of a larger consortium of experts, the first globally approved methodology for the utilization and application of biochar under Verra's Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The VCS standard is endorsed by the International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance (ICROA) and Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

South Pole's specialists worked alongside other global experts to complete the methodology, which will allow biochar projects to generate verified carbon removal credits in line with the latest science. These verified removal credits can be sold on the voluntary carbon market, so that companies can use them towards their corporate net zero targets.

To date, scaling up biochar projects has been restricted due to their high cost and limited funding, as well as the lack of scientifically backed methodologies and ICROA-approved verification standards for a range of carbon removal technologies.

“The latest VCS methodology is changing the momentum around vital carbon removal solutions like biochar. South Pole will apply this newly approved methodology to best-in-class projects to help scale up the adoption of biochar globally. We are actively seeking business partnerships with companies producing or applying biochar in both soil and non-soil applications," says Hannes Etter, Senior Manager for Biochar & Agricultural Land Management at South Pole.

“High-quality biochar projects can only be scaled up when they have environmental integrity at their core. This new VCS biochar methodology will enable project developers to advance their biochar projects in a credible manner. Similarly, it will provide quality assurance to companies looking to source certified and verified removal credits to support their climate targets," says Chetan Aggarwal, Manager, Sustainable Standards & Methodology at South Pole.

More information on the latest VCS biochar methodology here.