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08/12/22 11:15 AM

#331 RE: chico237 #330

Chico! As always thanks! Re: "Those are solid numbers... a little higher on the Capex than I expected but they are not done costing everything out. They expect to complete the F.S. in 2023 I would guess 2026 for production."

I am about 40 years out of estimating (Furniture/Casework manufacture.) but better to be high on those numbers and be able to report to shareholders and bankers that you spent less than expected than to come back later and say that you need more to complete a project. Given that this is a multiyear projection I hope their figures anticipate inflation!

While mostly in bonds, I realized that just about all my stocks needed 3 to 4 years to production. I am about to hit 70 and need something with a closer payback horizon. I liked ENDMF but sold it and purchased some DMEHF (Helium/Hydrogen/Noble Gasses). No debt owns its own rigs and should be should be producing this year . I am going to keep holding Search (for the benefit of my heirs!) but might reduce my holdings a bit to look for more current return. No change to my NioCorp holdings but along with the posters to the board am waiting impatiently for financing and Scot's blueprint trailer on site!