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harry crumb

08/09/22 6:23 PM

#3158 RE: gi197845 #3157

Things like that happen with bio’s, it’’s still a promising company to invest in, theres other drug science capable of moving forward just like any other. those who followed us from the beginning of acad, at 2-5$ a share made a ton of wealth over the years whether they flipped in or out at variable times was their choice, its called trading, making wealth. To invest 25k at 3$ pps and to sell at 50 pps is a very large gain of wealth my friend. Those who didn’t sell well don’t blame acad for that. You think the BB’s invested not to sell? Ah, no they sure didn’t. We hold a chunk of acad yet but that is all free shares, no matter what price it goes to. As for other stocks you mentioned, it’s the same, wealth made an just sitting on free shares, who really cares what happens once your initial investment is paid for in gains. GL to you an never be greedy, take profits as u wish