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07/19/22 12:24 PM

#30208 RE: trading.jeff #30207

Don't know why GTSM quit placing a Ask, but the last few you've seen, were because of my playing.
A couple of weeks ago, I noticed 2 days of him not placing a Ask, so I put one in for several days.
Like I said, just playing with him.
I would put in a Ask of $50 and then all of the sudden, he would double up on whatever I put in. Was only doing 50 or 100 shares, just to see what he would do.
All that said, I think they just aren't bothering with it, since the ticker is for sale and the only activity is, every now & again, someone caught by the R/S decides to dump.


07/26/22 2:22 PM

#30209 RE: trading.jeff #30207

Another Post R/S Single share dump today. lol
But really, with this SS, if/when they sell this ticker, even 100 shares could add up to some decent money.