07/08/22 1:53 PM

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I have some cash handy I can jump in once I’m able to buy it. I don’t be getting anywhere near as many shares as I had if GOFF tho, and nowhere near that average.


07/08/22 2:17 PM

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Sharp already tried going the OTC disclosure route last year and it didn't work.

George Sharp
$GOFF $SRNW $GVSI update (kind of). I hate posting this, but I got to get y'all off my back. Fins for these tickers are ready. Waiting for access to OTCIQ portal. Spoke with Issuer Serv's at OTCM & they are piled on. Entire army working on apps & expect 4-6 weeks from submission
8:33 PM · Jul 26, 2021·Twitter Web App

Then he tried the SEC route and still couldn't get GVSI current.

Saying he's going the OTC route (again) is just to string shareholders along, just like his WNFT "promised land" tweet.

The writing is on the wall for GVSI.

Stoked I can read.