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07/08/22 10:41 AM

#506 RE: Golden Cross #505

Just one more worthless stock recommendation from Hal.
He keeps promising he's done with penny stocks, but I guess if you only have pennies, that's what you buy. Would be better off tossing them down a well and asking for forgiveness.

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07/26/22 9:06 PM

#509 RE: Golden Cross #505

Reading twitter and Peter's excitement today I am watching


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08/22/22 1:54 PM

#524 RE: Golden Cross #505

Hop-on, Inc.
$HPNN We did not complete the round of funding thru the "Investment Bankers" the final terms and conditions would not be acceptable to our team and shareholders. We are working with several groups with #Web3 funding. #Digitalage
Hop-on, Inc.
10:54 AM · Aug 3, 2022·Twitter Web App