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Replies to post #1 on NFT's

Replies to #1 on NFT's


06/30/22 4:27 PM

#2 RE: vhgier #1

hi dare friend da metaverse world /\ one going to get restated is $MIKP now expert market but not fer long.

news today!MIKP-20220630/U/MIKP


About Mike The Pike Productions (OTC: MIKP), Arowana Media Holdings and Mike The Pike Entertainment

Mike The Pike Productions is a publicy traded media holdings company operating through its subsidiary Arowana Media Holdings, Inc. (, a fan-owned entertainment studio focused on
IP Acquisitions,
Development and Production,
and building a diverse portfolio of IP for the entertainment marketplace.

It does this via its flagship subsidiary, Mike the Pike Entertainment, LLC,
which will acquire, incubate and develop IP which can then be used to complement horizontally integrated subsidiaries focused on Film/Television/Streaming,
esports, AR/VR,
Web3, Metaverse,
and Artificial Intelligence.


Mark B. Newbauer, CEO