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In Plain Sight

08/30/22 11:42 AM

#144 RE: Fallingknife75 #143

Of Dogs and Pony Shows....and Q2

This dog of a stock has emphysema --won't hunt very far afield. The cons: Closed MI. Guess there were no buyers! Said they haven't found a partner nor a vendor in Florida to sell anything besides Fluent Brands (so much for depth or selection) won't disclose what they did at the Annual Meeting vis-a-vis preferred shares, or the name change?? Looks like they are fiddling w/ Homestead grow in the notes and need to revamp the method of grow to increase the bio asset side...$$$$? Rambled about climbing to number two in sales in FL???? Did not open a single FL store in 1H '22...but planning on additional dispensaries by 2H??? There's a reason for no PRs!! Perhaps they did not do anything noteworthy, or nobody there has creative writing talent? Well, I see a glass lacking water with a dried-on sediment stain. Does CNTMF think they are going to get to number two and everyone else is going to sit on their lazy posterior and wait for them to do it? Verano is opening a new dispensary on average under a month in FL. How about a new location on a place called Fantasy Island?

Turning into a three-trick pony. The pro's: They think they are too big, and too well capitalized to support just any buyer but a much bigger and better company. CEO said he was misquoted as in looking for a buyer by a blogger. Opened a new PA disp, will spend more on TX med facility, added an increase in FL Revs despite no new locs (Revs grew sequentially and best in Co's history) and reported a loss of only 5-cents per share.