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05/18/22 12:12 PM

#2424 RE: buckdawg #2423

Well, finally it looks like--fingers crossed-- this may be so. I posted back in 12/20 that it was time and then they went dark for not having filings in and up-to-date. I was so wrong about that post. I didn't see that coming. Ouch! And it has been so so so frustrating. Now, the SFEG story is--looks like?-- it may be a story of coning back from the dead. It took the right people to see it for what it really could be and to gut it out during these past two years. I'd say we all got lucky.

As it turns, it appears that under-the radar, behind the scenes, they have been doing all the things they need to do to make this real. One need only look at the news around the edges to see what is underway. It does look to be the turn-around we all hoped for. I still feel like Charlie Brown hoping the ball doesn't get pulled away--yet again. But I'm liking what I'm seeing. It's npow all about getting back to publicly trading. Maybe it's a Hollywood ending if the dots are connecting as their public statements and the additional news from TMRC points to. All we can do is wait now to see how where and when. And hope! But it's good to see.