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05/11/22 3:42 PM

#3105 RE: harry crumb #3104

How much are you down on ACAD, AVEO and POTN?


05/11/22 4:04 PM

#3106 RE: harry crumb #3104

Have you taken to shorting ACAD? Or are you a buy, buy, buy, guy now? You do release that the shorts have increased their position, right? You do realize that when this goes even much lower, after a 2nd Joe Biden FDA rejection, that a reverse split is coming that will wipe out any potential profit you had, right...Right, genius?


08/01/22 9:23 PM

#3150 RE: harry crumb #3104

Hey foo, I hope your shorting this!


08/01/22 9:45 PM

#3151 RE: harry crumb #3104

I figured it out. The only reason why the successful baker brothers have shares of Acadia is for tax right off purposes, to offset the huge profits from their other well managed pharmas.