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04/23/22 9:24 PM

#77 RE: Choi #74

So... First of all.. ALL of those RMs were done by very shady people. Meihux Xu was in charge of all of those. He is a well known scammer.

Look up the lawyer in charge of THIS reverse merger.

Old CEO / owner Frank told me directly to look up who the new CEO is and the SOLE board of directors that she is on.

Hongmei Sang, on the board of directors for Panzhihua Bingyang Technology Ltd. (that is the ONLY board of directors that she's on) She owns 24% of the company.

Also look into the lawyer John B Lowy... He has 40 years of experience with reverse mergers and is extremely well reputed.

Beite will most likely be their western name, as most westerners won't be able to remember or pronounce their chinese name. This is common.

Panzhihua has 110M in assets, 50M in revenues, and 10M in profits in 2021. Their net profits have increased exponentially YOY since 2019 thanks to reduced operating costs.

The closest comparison I can give is $MTRT, which also started from 0.10 - It hit $10 at its peak. Very similar in that the incoming company bought 70% of the company right off the bat, which reduces the need for any dilution.

Please, PLEASE do your PROPER DD on this before you make any assumptions and try to denigrate this stock.


04/24/22 9:56 PM

#91 RE: Choi #74

If someone was looking for a SS to do a bunch of dilution on then they wouldn't have bought AWSI with nearly all the shares either outstanding or acquired in the deal. This structure would allow a very quick uplist for a strong company with no need for share splits or any of the normal games.