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03/25/22 1:51 PM

#97 RE: NobleRoman #96

My new Bull Thesis:

Stock is sub penny, which means market cap of less than $5M at this time. Great management team as the main board highlights, but they have a credibility problem due to years of not executing. But I'll take good team over scam team.

Since around October of 2021, the company hired a new Chief Technology Officer from the London Stock Exchange group and is currently working on a $4M private placement at CAD .008 with one warrant attached exercisable at .05, which is non-dilutive to today's price. As of the end of December 2021, Over $1.5 million of that $4M goal has already been raised.

Black Insure was written down to zero on their books, which they made two investments in. Now it has had work on its website with no fanfate. The words "Launching in 2020" have been removed. I expect news on this soon. It appears they have made progress, although different from their original vision of Black tokens.

Risto Rossar was once a founding partner, but on this new updated website, he is described only as an "Advisor." where as Bundeep is listed as the sole founder (also our CEO and founder of Fineqia. Fineqia is also listed as a client, as well as PremFina, Bundeep's successful private business. And Insley, which is Riso Rossar's succesful and proven insurance business in the UK.

Here I think is the vision in Risto's own words 3 years ago. Essentially, the Uber of Insurance is what they want to be I think. Even though he doesn't mention us specifically, I think this is his vision as he advises us:

And here he goes in to much more depth in regard to Black Insurance, which corroborates his vision in that short video:

I think that is what our investment in Black Insurance will be about. And I think that it won't be worth zero, which is what we marked it down as on our books.

So far we have no sales. I feel like that is about to change.