02/24/22 10:38 AM

#26381 RE: MyelSasha #26379

................. 3 crucial reasons for the decision to up-list $AGYP to a higher exchange:

Allied thinks that transparency on a recognized exchange will lend itself to greater trust and respect from the investment community. Allied is fortunate to have the Texas Railroad Commission website providing official updates on the Company’s lease site and oil well activities, but up-listing to a higher exchange will require audited financials and other mandatory disclosures that will show greater transparency to the investing community.

Increased Attraction for Acquisitions
As Allied evolves throughout 2022 the Company desires to position itself in the most attractive way possible for real growth that adds value to the corporate bottom line.

Wider Visibility
Allied believes that up-listing to a higher exchange will give the Company more visibility on an international platform. With oil prices continuing to rise we believe there is the potential for more and more investors to look towards the oil and gas sector, and therefore having more visibility around the world can only be viewed as a positive.