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02/15/22 10:29 PM

#2798 RE: trader59 #2797

The lawsuit the supposed settlement a few regular posters keep referring to. Some big settlement. I’ve never found those claims credible but it’s nice to hope.

Again do you know of a similar revocation situation where shareholders took action against the company? I’m not looking for a lecture on failed shareholders rights, just a similar case you came point use towards.

One last question. Kevin Kanning is the CEO at a company called Silicon Turbine. Silicon Turbine’s cofounder and chairman is also the CEO and cofounder of Inventergy. Kevin Kanning has been buying a ton of INVT shares. Per Kanning’s last 13D filed on 12/1/21, he now owns 29.7 % of INVT shares. Why would someone who clearly knows and works with the CEO of INVT, keep buying so many shares if he thought INVT was going to be revoked by the SEC?

Could the plan all along by Inventergy to have gone private and they are just letting the SEC do it for them through the administrative process?