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02/15/22 9:54 PM

#2796 RE: trader59 #2795

trader59 and Renee I appreciate your information and bringing what I believe to be an honest and informed dialogue. I have a few follow up questions based on trader59 statement:

“After revocation, even that trading will cease and the shareholders will hold stock in essentially a private company that they will be unable to liquidate.”

Based on the SEC information that Renee provided, it appears the class of shares we hold will be revoked. If the shares are revoked and we then hold as you put it stock in a private company, what happens if there is a settlement from the Apple litigation if there is enough for shareholders? Could the company keep the money and not inform shareholders?

If the shares are revoked and can’t be traded, how can we sell them to take our capital loss if the shares are now private?

Do you know of a any companies that faced similar revocation and situation, where shareholders held the companies executives and members of the board responsible for not performing their fiduciary duties? If so could you provide information.

Not accusing anyone of wrong doing. Just trying to completely understand the path forward in totality. IMO