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01/05/22 6:25 AM

#62445 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

Great post, you get it! Too many people think Rome are build on one day, so also they new Exchange that just started and people want see yesterday already 200+ trading pairs. Relax people and load all you can before bulls take over and send this till atliest $1.00 on news


01/05/22 7:45 AM

#62450 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

It’s all dust and mirrors without proof. Sorry! But toxic note is reality. RS or increasing AS is imminent. At least 2B more shares will get issued for Clive.


01/05/22 8:24 AM

#62455 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

Perfectly stated. Thanks for posting.


01/05/22 8:26 AM

#62456 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

MOD...please put this on sticky plz!


01/05/22 8:56 AM

#62459 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

Big Bucks on the Deck! 200+ Trading Pairs!! Fortunes will be made here.

AABB is the next COIN!!


01/05/22 10:05 AM

#62479 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

Yes Sir! AABB longs have exciting times ahead!

Just Plain and Simple:

50% of COIN’s market cap = $70.23 Billion X 0.5 = $35.11 Billion

So, AABB’s PPS (in 1 Yr/2022) = $35.11 / 2.4 = $15 !! WEEEEEEE!!

AABB will send some longs on early retirement!!

AABB is the next COIN!!


08/19/22 8:34 AM

#79480 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

The pump stickies are embarrassing. lol


08/19/22 9:04 AM

#79481 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

You forget to pump "pull the certs"


01/05/23 5:19 PM

#87477 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

You remember this post a year ago Not much has changed nothing in the horizon IMHO.


03/02/23 9:29 AM

#90784 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

Time has destroyed that pitiful pump post. I’m glad it’s still stickied. Good job.


05/17/23 1:16 PM

#94218 RE: PENNY PIRATE #62444

Lots of words in that old post, Penny. None of that has come true, sadly. How much longer will you keep this up? Until your front loaded shares are gone?