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01/01/22 10:59 AM

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you tooooo!


02/16/22 2:46 PM

#26460 RE: Gmenfan #26457

hey, any of you, who are …


ihub paid members that can reply here, tell me if you had a pfyzer booster and if a day later, you felt like crap? i did great with one and two.

wasnt going to do the booster but im finding out more and more places wont let you go there, etc, without it, so i figured, just get the darn thing. but im not feeling well and i dont like being sick, lol.

i never really get sick anymore (for years) since i have been taking zinc, vit d3, and c.

its made a huge diff and i know its the zinc and d3 the most. its known to stop virus and also cancers! which is how i found out about d3, was AFTER my breast cancer. not had an issue since, knock on wood (and thx to prayer too).. over 4 years NO cancer so far.