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crazy horse 0

12/12/21 7:39 PM

#40575 RE: Gmenfan #40574

What do you recommend in a Pistol

Check out this site. I've bought several air guns from them from .22 up to .357. Pistol- semiautomatic rifle, single shot to magazine fed. The PCP versions can be used for hunting deer in some states.

Here's other sites

Lots more out there. Of course air guns do not have the power or velocity of firearms but they'll do all right in a pinch.
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12/13/21 9:43 AM

#40577 RE: Gmenfan #40574

was thinking back....was it you that has a huge collection of them?

I need one with a silencer that can go t least 100 yds....
BUT no extra hookup to an air reservoir
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crazy horse 0

12/14/21 9:59 AM

#40581 RE: Gmenfan #40574

Webley Alecto MkV pneumatic air pistol review

Found this one