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11/14/21 4:08 PM

#18210 RE: Herold #18209

Read the latest quarterly report from imun. Here is part of what was stated regarding stab shares:

On September 28, 2021, Cytocom announced the completion of its merger with Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (“CBLI”) which resulted in the Company’s receipt of 1,150,000 common shares of CBLI, reflecting the Company’s retained minority interest in Cytocom. The merger was completed in July 2021. Subsequent to the merger, CBLI adopted a new corporate name, Stratera BioPharma, Inc., with the ticker symbol “STAB” effective September 1, 2021. Cytocom emerged as a publicly traded entity following the merger with CBLI.

Do the math and then ask why a company (imun) owns about $4.5 million worth of stab stock, divide that by the 486,000 imun shares outstanding (which equals over $9/share), than ask why imun trades for $3.