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12/06/21 6:32 PM

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Retail Value Inc. Announces Sale of Green Ridge Square (12/16/21)

BEACHWOOD, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On December 6, 2021, Retail Value Inc. (NYSE: RVI) closed on the sale of Green Ridge Square (Grand Rapids, Michigan) for $23.3 million in cash prior to closing costs, prorations and other closing adjustments. Net proceeds received at closing were approximately $22.3 million.

Subsequent to the transaction, RVI owns interests in two properties located in the continental U.S.

About RVI

RVI is an independent publicly traded company trading under the ticker symbol “RVI” on the New York Stock Exchange. RVI holds two assets in the continental U.S. and is managed by one or more subsidiaries of SITE Centers Corp. RVI focuses on realizing value in its business through operations and sales of its assets. Additional information about RVI is available at