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10/27/21 3:11 PM

#491 RE: Mask #490

At this point no idea....


10/27/21 7:50 PM

#492 RE: Mask #490

for me, a big ICP loss will help offset gains in other cryptos.

i paid for quite a lesson here.

the huge pump exchanges gave it in may 2021 made ICP seem like it would take over the world.

i figured the market reaction to ICP's launch was because they were about to displace big tech.

and they still could, i suppose.

but when other cryptos with "ecosystems" trade for .000000007678, and use a deflationary model... why would anyone want to own ICP, which has a large overhang of seed investors still, and will add more tokens than it burns, to pay rewards to those who hold it in neurons?