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10/24/21 1:12 PM

#45577 RE: jaiml #45576

Jaiml, thanks much for the reply and I'm pretty sure your sentiments are in line with many on this thread. I'm not hear to preach the gospel of Bitcoin but since this thread's main purpose is discussion of AIM and money it is relevant.

" is whether one would want to own them to begin with."

It all starts with interest and that order. I have studied and researched Crypto's for over 5 years, usually for 4 to 8 hours a day and continue to do so. It has enable me to retire at relatively early age, and has provided me with enough wealth for me and my family until the end of my life and beyond. How much study have you put into the area? When you deem something a "speculative play bordering on being a Ponzi", it tells me you have had very little interest and less understanding of the crypto asset class. Many that say such things are just angry they have missed a large chunk of the gains that have already been made. I'm not referring to you in particular (I don't know you) but I know many people who are.

"....there still isn't any real adoption"

Are you aware that the internet had the fastest adoption curve of any new technology in history? And are you also aware that Crypto adoption is currently double the internet's adoption rate? The internet grew at an adoption rate of 63% a year, crypto is growing at a rate of 113% a year. Click the link below for more if interested.
FACTS: Crypto Adoption

"...if one bought in Jan 2018 they would have had to stomach a 90% drop and be underwater for almost 3 years"

And if one bought in 2010 they would be up over 6 million %! Even with the bear market drawdowns bitcoin has averaged over 200% a year since inception as is the greatest appreciating asset in the history of mankind.
Oh, and remember when Amazon fell over 90% after the dotcom meltdown. Is Amazon a ponzi? Ponzi's go up and then crash and never come back as all the late investors lose all their money. Bitcoin has endured numerous 80%+ drawdowns and has always come back. In fact when it hit it's all time high a few days ago everyone whoever bought a bitcoin or part of a bitcoin was in profit!

"...most AIM programs would've run out of cash unless they start with 90% cash."

Seriously? How many charts and spreadsheet examples to I have to display to prove that is totally inaccurate. AIM was created for the very volatility that Crypto's provide. Even stocks like Microstrategy that hold a large position in Bitcoin are fantastic for AIM. I have that spreadsheet as well if anyone needs further evidence.

So stocks are not another story, unless you prefer long, slow and unimpressive returns.

Do not let ignorance harm your financial future. Educate yourself. Start with the video I posted above. It is only 10 minutes of your time and it may surprise you.