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10/06/21 3:45 PM

#33886 RE: VH Gambler #33885

I know, but, but,,,, they have found treasure on the ocean’ bottom…. We all know Raj would never lie… I don’t want to discuss politics, but had this bunch in DC Been in office when Raj& Joe we’re around I sort of think we all would be financially well off….day late and a dollar short

Foxwoods Man

10/07/21 9:51 AM

#33887 RE: VH Gambler #33885

I did go to Vegas a couple of weeks ago and made believe it was a victory meeting of NAGP winners....and all the winners showed

I did watch Ricky Gervais having a blast playing early morning Blackjack at The Cosmo with a bunch of tourists and Sammy Hagar performing an impromptu set above LV Blvd stopping three lanes of traffic

So it wasn't a total loss....and it was a dry heat