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09/22/21 10:19 PM

#318 RE: gumzsa #317

Who are the big crooks that can buy

a CE play now?...

I sent a thank you email to

Etrade weeks ago for not letting

people play this revival...

Of course, they had no idea

how to respond...

So we watch Closer...LJ

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09/22/21 10:23 PM

#319 RE: gumzsa #317

Oh yeah, HUMT is #2 on real EPS

generated versus many of my

listed thingys held...

A lot of listed thingys aren't

operating to produce EPS from

what I've seen for years...

So we watch...LJ

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09/26/21 12:37 PM

#320 RE: gumzsa #317

Looks to me its removed on 9/23 on pink limited I got from the old stop sign
Guess this is part of what post 9/28 is going to look like.

15m @ .012 is a killer ss and price. Even if it’s not an empty shell.
I only question management, why wait till the final hours to clean this up?
Sort of an insult to common share holders.

I was blowing off CE tickers on the daily Tier Change list till I saw “No info” to “Limited info”

I only play Custo shells. DDing actual Company stories take too much DD. LOL

But if this makes money? Then the SS set up might be a fun in snd out when it trades.
Etrade rejected my buy order.

But watching more about this losing its CE and open for trading.,

We are going into a new play ground this week.
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10/02/21 12:14 AM

#321 RE: gumzsa #317

Good gravy, how long does it take

to get a CE off?...

Seems like they gave otcmarkets

their name, rank, and serial


So we watch...LJ