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09/13/21 5:39 PM

#6934 RE: Narada Muni #6933

And you just made some bold claims that could result in a defamation lawsuit by company. I’ll let JE know so they can pursue you….LMAO!!!


09/13/21 6:00 PM

#6944 RE: Narada Muni #6933

When did you work at Maslow Sanjay and why did you leave? You say you never saw any loans on the financials between the DK's and the company. Those were all disclosed in the merger agreement that was signed off on by the DK's. How would you not have seen them?


09/13/21 7:29 PM

#6949 RE: Narada Muni #6933

Nothing about the name was different than if you look up Narada Muni , as anyone can do .
This is all about Dr. Naveen, that is it ..a well known SEC Scammer and he is gone , plus new Mgt going to teach him and his croonies a lesson here.
Your other comments are about people in the past history and tangent company , it is what it is , but does not apply here is all.