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09/13/21 3:32 PM

#6922 RE: Narada Muni #6921

Actually, you are wrong! real owner is Jeff Eberwein, the owners you refer as 85% DK'd on their loans and promises and that's why they will forfeit those restricted shares that you claim they own 85%...The Doki's are criminals and have always been criminals trying to dupe those who own shells. Cheers!!

Watch it go over $2 soon.....LMAO!!
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09/13/21 3:46 PM

#6923 RE: Narada Muni #6921

I think you are salty ... what you are indicating is biased.. the new CEO and CFO just took over on an 8-k and it sounds like you were part of the problem , not the solution.
it is the disclosures.. so if you come from the past , thank goodness you are not part of the future here.