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09/03/21 12:06 PM

#988 RE: HJ72 #987

Yeah. 0.0007 x 0.0019 now! Why current price 0.0022 has been a very strong resistance while LOCMQ just created Multi-Year's New high 0.0199 in last November? Because of New 52-week-low 0.0004 on July 15 and New bottom 0.0006 on August 5?

Will LOCMQ crash back to the most recent low 0.0004 or even All-Time-Low 0.0001 again?

Anyway its SS-Frequently-Updated CLEAN-Shell peer (ORMTQ) is trading at 0.0040 now with 52-week-low 0.0011 and 52-week-high 0.02!

Both are Super Undervalued now! Both are Hyper Oversold most recently!