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05/05/21 11:35 AM

#68 RE: conix #67

Yes, that's an *intelligent* way to get secure and growing dividends. I believe every one of my stocks increased its payout in the last year with the exception of my small Boeing holding, which remains troubled, and Berkshire Hathaway which has never paid one. (and BRK has soared this year!)

Great that you're not using the usual short-sighted IHUB method, with gimmicky and likely scammy junk that attracts unsophisticated, desperate retirees by displaying unsustainably high yields. Heck, any corp can pay ridiculously high dividends for a time by loading its balance sheet with debt.

Now if you'd buy higher quality issues and trade less often you'd do better yet.


08/11/21 3:08 PM

#73 RE: conix #67

Nice! "LEG declares $0.44/share quarterly dividend, 4.8% increase from prior dividend of $0.42."


08/11/21 3:12 PM

#74 RE: conix #67

Better than nice. That's the 2nd increase this year!


11/02/21 5:10 PM

#76 RE: conix #67

Now that 9% drop was ugly.