03/02/21 4:22 PM

#112682 RE: fireballka7 #112681

LMFAO too funny. The only BioAmber’s that had any value at all and any assets have been liquidated. If there was anything owned by BioAmber it’s gone and the proceeds were used to barely pay a tiny portion of the huge debt they owed. The creditors got screwed as did the shareholders plain and simple.
Keep back peddling and putting up nonsense as not one person can actually post one fact to prove anything happened here except for what the courts and monitor stated. That is that BioAmber is gone and shareholders got and will get nothing


03/02/21 4:49 PM

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LOL! The desperation spin is getting good now . News flash ! Those worthless shares are only attached to one dead corporation. Here's a hint it's the one that filed for bankruptcy in Delaware. All the others mean nothing . So let's be sure not to get them confused .


03/02/21 4:51 PM

#112684 RE: fireballka7 #112681

The 3 that were still in business and tied to the stock at the time bankruptcy was entered were BioAmber, Inc., BioAmber Canada, Inc., and BioAmber Sarnia, Inc.

Page 3

No matter what legacy tidbits exist about other plans they had or other countries they had to register in to do business there, that was the whole corporate structure owned by the stock.

Don't believe PWC? OK, that document was prepared with the board of directors of the company in May of 2018, so...

Add to that no such operations in those other countries mentioned in the last 10K the company issued...


03/02/21 6:02 PM

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Yep...A lot of opinions being expressed on here today...However...Eagles diligent examination of all the evidence looks much more accurate to say the least...However input is much appreciated here...