02/09/21 5:18 PM

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Yeah too bad that all failed and it turned into a liquidation. Since the failure of the SISP to attract a buyer the company was liquidated to LCYB.
Good for LCYB but bad for former BIOAQ investors as they have lost their investment in BIOAQ.

Real McCoy

02/09/21 6:19 PM

#112012 RE: fireballka7 #112009

Yes, no quarrel with this.

"There can be no guarantee that the company will be successful in securing further financing or achieving its restructuring objectives. Failure by the company to achieve its financing and restructuring goals will likely result in the company and/or its subsidiaries being forced to cease operations and liquidate its assets."

As we all know, the SISP failed and a liquidation was closed and approved.


02/09/21 8:16 PM

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