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Replies to #13005 on Reverse Splits


01/15/21 4:31 PM

#13006 RE: Buckey #13005

Regarding IGLDF, I read one of their past SEC filings for another reverse split (2019).

For that one, it looks like you needed to own more than .5 shares after RS to be rounded up, otherwise you'd be rounded down.

Treatment of Fractional Shares

In order to avoid the expense and inconvenience of issuing fractional shares (or payment therefor) in connection with the reverse share split, we intend to round any fractional share that results from the reverse share split to the nearest whole share (half-shares shall be rounded down).

Now Assuming the same criteria would apply for today's RS, you'd have to buy 126 shares at $5. And it's a big gamble to assume it would be the same.


01/15/21 4:40 PM

#13007 RE: Buckey #13005

JUDO (daily list today) was one I've been trying for months to buy. One share.

bid was $1. No shares on ask.

1-500 reverse split. all shareholders rounded to 200 shares post RS.

Looks like bid dropped to $0.40 today. So 500 x .40 = $200/share post RS, and you'd get 200 shares lol.

again, no shares available. for months.