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01/19/21 1:12 PM

#50 RE: deet49 #49

hi 1.30 bid


05/04/21 3:09 PM

#51 RE: deet49 #49

I called them up when it was starting to move, someone said to me "what symbol?" I said HSCM, and then was told it does that from time to time because it is a pink sheet stock. I eventually sold, did great, but that "what symbol" led me to otcmarkets for some DD which turned out to be extremely easy. That's where I actually found other similar symbols related to HSCM (STLM, SBUM, VINS, ACNE), all "Magnuson" mines. And that's when someone posted back to me on IHUB that "what if all the mines were being marketed together". The reason I'm even posting here is they have been very active lately- I look all the time and watch in interest.

There is no point to this as far as HSCM or the other related symbols. It's all about a responsibility we have to ourselves and each other to do due diligence on the pink sheets.